Since September 2012 I have been experiencing vertigo daily and started out with going to my doctor to figure out the cause. We had purchased new carbon monoxide testers for at home just in case this was the cause of the vertigo. I took a round of antibiotics due to having a small amount of fluid in one ear and this did not do the trick. I waited to just see if it would “go away”. After talking to a co-worker who has had vertigo for some time; I really wanted to find a solution. Also, another co-worker was confident I would discover a solution with a chiropractor. I was not too sure about this having never gone to seek services from a chiropractor.

Here’s what changed my mind … My brother contacted Dr. Richmond on a Saturday to seek relief from back pain and a horrible headache he had been suffering from for a couple days. I did not think my brother was in any shape to drive when he left the house. He returned about an hour later a happy & pain free new person … .I could not believe my eyes. His much needed relief convinced me about seeking services at the chiropractor.

After just a few visits my vertigo is just a slight flutter of dizziness now and again … nothing like what I was experiencing since it started.

I’m glad I made the initial appointment with Dr. Richmond and got started with solving my vertigo. I look forward to future visits with Dr. Richmond.

Thank you so much!

– G.F.


I have been a patient of Dr. Richmond’s for three years, during which time I have received over forty adjustments. While I have always been pleased with the results of these treatments, I was never more in need of a miracle than on March 1,2011. Owing to an unforeseen mishap, my lower back was in excruciating pain, (think along the lines of natural childbirth contractions or passing a kidney stone), so much pain in fact that both my husband and Dr. Richmond had to gingerly assist me out of the car and through the front door of the chirporactic office. It literally felt as though my lower back had collapsed like an accordian leaving my discs void of any cushioning whatsoever.

After working on me for 30-minutes, Dr. Richmond was able to render me ambulatory once again. Having witnessed my husband undergo a similar mishap twenty-five years earlier in the bay area (befoer we had been introduced to the healing modality of chiropractic), I knew I did not wish to be similarly hospitalized for a week. A few days later, Dr. Richmond adjusted me again and I was able to fully celebrate my birthday with family members, blissfully free of pain.

Dr. Richmond is the best chiropractor I have encountered in the past twenty years. You will be hard pressed to find a more highly-skilled and caring medical professional.

– L.C.


I’ve had allergies all year ’round. My stresses at work involving deadlines constantly caused back and neck stiffness. I had a rash covering both shins, neck, arms, and waist. Results from my accident were pain for 3-4 days where I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow, turn over or lift my leg. I had pain down the right side of my neck and back. After seeing Dr. Richmond the rash I’ve been going to a dermatologist for 2 years has disappeared. I have been relieved of pain and feel much better!

– A.L.


My legs had become painful upon sitting for any length of time. My neck had sharp pain in movement from side to side or backward. I no longer have pain in my legs and increased mobility. The pain in my neck movements went down and I rarely have headaches anymore!

– J.S. —————

Whenever it was the least bit cold, the last two joints on the fingers of my right hand would turn white. This was painful when we lived in a very cold country and my hands would be close to freezing whenever I was outside. The circulation to my right hand is perfect now. Not only are my hands better, my low back is much stronger.

– M.S.


My back started hurting while I was an iron-worker. I went to other chiropractors for several years but I would only receive temporary relief. I couldn’t do any lifting without my back going out on me. I got so bad that I had to use crutches at times. Since I started coming to Dr. Thomas Richmond I have been able to carry on with my regular activities and not be in pain. Anyone knowing me would certainly notice the difference, I have a lot more strength now.

Since I started getting treatments from Dr. Tom Richmond I have been able to keep going and do my regular work without my back going out. I have been relieved of pain to a great extent! I am able to work and carry on my daily activities now without pain. If you follow Dr. Richmond’s advice and take his treatments he will definitely relieve the pain.

– T.W.